Smallest SoftStartRV™ Device to Fit in More RV A/Cs Than Ever Before

Truma Aventa Now Offers SoftStartRV Technology

SoftStartUSA Now Offers the Smallest SoftStartRV™ Device to Fit in More RV A/Cs Than Ever Before

FT. LAUDERDALE, FL – (June 27, 2024)

Beginning July 2024, Truma North America will integrate SoftStartUSA technology into the Truma Aventa air conditioning systems.

“We are excited to partner with Truma on this initiative,” said Brian Gibson, co-founding partner of SoftStartUSA.

“Truma is a well-known, well-respected brand within the industry.”

He added that the testing and qualification procedures at Truma proved to be more rigorous than the standards of many consumer product safety organizations with which we have collaborated
in the past.

“SoftStartRV delivered on sharply reducing startup inrush current for better power efficiency, and most importantly, continuing to provide peak startup performance throughout Truma’s very demanding cycle-testing process which included various conditions that mimic actual user scenarios,” Gibson stated.

Mark Howlett, Executive Vice President of Truma, confirmed tha tafter months of continuous testing and analysis, Truma found the SoftStartRV to be a great match for the Aventa air
conditioning systems.

“In the past few years, our market has seen a rise in the use of lithium batteries and solar power, for off-grid camping,” said Howlett.

“Being able to add the soft start technology to the Truma Aventa allows for greater flexibility in usage for the end-user.”

Howlett added that along with the innovative technology, and premium customer support, it was the smaller size of SoftStartRVthat proved to be a game changer.

“SoftStartRV is up to 52% smaller than other similar units. The compact size fits the low-silhouette, aerodynamic designs of the Aventa without restricting valuable airflow within the rooftop compartment.”

There are several advantages to installing the Aventa with SoftStartRV including a significant reduction of startup amps, which allows the Aventa to start more easily off inverters and generators and offers the opportunity to run more appliances simultaneously.

“For end-users, this means full startup capabilities, more convenience in use, and less impact on the power supply or other systems,” said Howlett.

“For RV Manufacturers, the benefits can be found in better user experiences for their customers, utilization in multiple coach classes, and less impact on internal components of the RV.”

“We’ve listened to our RV customers, RV systems experts, and our own dedicated support teams to refine our softstart units to be the best in the market,” said Doug Curtis, SoftStartUSA co-founder, .

“This collaboration with Truma, reinforces our team’s commitment to producing intelligent, outstanding, and reliable products to help RVers keep more comfortable in their
mobile lifestyles.”

Truma is offering both end-users and RV manufacturers the option to purchase the Aventa eco or comfort with a SoftStartRV unit pre-installed directly through Truma. The soft start installation is customized to specifically fit the Aventa and since it is installed by Truma, complies with Truma’s warranty terms. In addition, existing Truma Aventa owners may purchase a soft start upgrade through a Truma Service Facility or Truma Mobile Technician.

“Our goal is to help RV owners get the most out of the RV. The moments we can share camping with family and friends are important,” Howlett said. “Therefore, every system, component, and upgrade should live up to its promise and help make those moments unforgettable.”

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TrumaNorth America is a premium solutions partner to the outdoor recreation community. Truma started doing business in North America in 2013, establishing its headquarters in Elkhart, IN. Backed by 75 years of German engineering, Truma has a long history of providing quality solutions to the global outdoor recreation market.

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SoftStartRVA/C soft starter is a product of SoftStartUSA, an industry leader in RV and home
power management products.

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