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A Game Changer!

Bobby M. March 17, 2020

Works as advertised

Works so well you wonder if it’s working!

Monte A MCKENZIE, United States on April 15, 2020

Worth it.

Works just as described. My 2200 watt generator ran the AC fine. My 3000 watt generator can run AC, microwave and everything else at the same time now and hardly even revs up.

- Thebronz, United States on May 11, 2020

Works Great.

I was dubious as to how this product would work, especially considering the price. I have to say the sellers video and specific instructions for each make and model a/c made the install a piece of cake. This thing really works — you can’t hardly hear the compressor when it kicks in. Very quite and seems to work perfect with my light weight 2200 watt generator. Highly recommend.

- C. Marks

Great product.

I was dubious as to how this product would work, especially considering the price. I have to say the sellers video and specific instructions for each make and model a/c made the install a piece of cake. This thing really works — you can’t hardly hear the compressor when it kicks in. Very quite and seems to work perfect with my light weight 2200 watt generator. Highly recommend.

- Kindle Customer, United States on May 7, 2020

It works.

It’s amazing. Now I can use only one of my Honda generators. I can also use my standard 15 amp house outlet to power my trailer. My trailer sits about 60 feet from my house outlet so using a heavy gage power cord is essential. Even with the heavy cord the breaker would pop. Turn on current measures almost 28 amps. Way over breaker limit With the softstartRV installed current was reduced dramatically. See attached pictures taken before and after with a fluke meter with attached current clamp 1mv =1amp on the meter. Now I use my trailer at home without a special Electrical outlet being installed. Saves me a bill from an electrician upgrading my house
Awesome product!

- Amazon Customer, United States on July 12, 2020

Install with care and you will be rewarded

If you take your time and follow the instructions this is relatively easy to install and it works great! It really has solved my Airstreams AC problem of tripping the circuit all the time.

- Mucklechumps, United States on August 2, 2020

Great Product

This soft-start does what it claims. I couldn’t run my A/C on a 2200 Honda until I installed this, and now it starts and runs perfectly and has a quieter startup.

- David Shore, United States on June 14, 2020

Just buy one! It does exactly what it says it’s going to do!

My review is overwhelmingly positive, this device does exactly what it says it will do, it is as easy to install as they say it is, my thirty-year-old air conditioner was not in their database I sent them a message through their online ticketing system within 30 minutes I had a telephone call and email and exactly what to do in point I cannot review this product High Enough! My air conditioner Now does not overtaxed my generator at all the way it did prior to installing this wonderful device.

- Kirk, United States on August 11, 2020

Works like a dream

It took a bit of work to match up all the wires. Like measuring, I checked the wires 5 times and then cut. My generator runs like there is no AC coming on at all. Even runs it on Econ more. Of course, it’s on a tiny AC unit in an Airstream Basecamp, but it wouldn’t run it before. Great purchase!

- Dave J. Kelley, United States on June 6, 2020


Amazing device. I had tried a hard start capacitor for my RV AC, and it either did not help, or made things worse. I was trying to avoid spending the $300 on this kind of device, because I thought I could find a cheaper solution.. but there is not one, and this device is amazing. I had all kinds of problems starting my RV AC, it would make my 3000W inverter shut off on overload, with a spike over 6000W trying to start. I would sometime come on after the inverter reset, but still at high starting amps. The Yamaha 2400IS would struggle and most times start it, but it was not a for sure thing it would work.. last RV trip it was 95 out, and very frustrating to get the AC to work… so I finally decided to give this a try, despite the cost I wanted to have ability to use AC on really hot days when camping, and not push limits of generator or inverter to get it done… I was skeptical this could work a well as advertised.. but IT WORKS, and better than expected. There was no current spike whatsoever getting the compressor to start, it peaked at running amps, never went over 1200 watts, I tried several starts, and everyone was impressive. I’m really happy with this device, frankly it should be standard equipment on all RV ACs, it’s amazing technology that works as advertised.

- mrfixit, United States on August 4, 2020

Works as intended.

First of all this is a great soft start and works well for me so far. I had bought a Coleman mack 15 rv ac unit and picked this up to install before tossing it in the motorhome. It didn’t come with any decent install directions but they had videos on their website which were not exactly the best so in the end I would say I was 98 percent positive I had hooked it up correctly and was happy when I turned it on and it was working as intended..lol. the little green light will turn your AC green in the dark which is kinda cool I guess to have a green glowing ac box. I mostly got this due to the fact I went full time motorhome life about a year ago and usually will plug I to 15 amp which with my old ac unit it would pop breakers with just the ac at times if say someone inside turned something on that was on the same circuit. I was having issues having to much power draw basically so with this installed I haven’t tried a breaker once and I’ll have a tv, PC, ac, cam, weather station, blender, lights going at the same time on a 15amp plug with no issues. Great product and I feel safe leaving my dog in the motorhome while I’m at work in AZ heat knowing it’s not going to trip breakers and my AC turn off (she has a dog door and I have a camera and weather station with motion and what not so I can remotely check temps if I’m not home).

- Matthew white, United States on July 23, 2020

Took a little longer to install, but will save in energy costs

Using this for a Grand Design RV. On one occasion before installing, we blew out a fuse. Had trouble running anything when the AC was on. Never know when the AC would start up. Afraid we might blow another fuse or worse.

Took my husband about twice as long as advertised to install. He is very handy, although he had to contact tech support. They were great. Highly recommended.

- Bonnie Smith, United States on September 14, 2020

Support was wonderful

I first mis-wired the unit. The instructions for my type of air conditioner were unclear. Opened up a support ticket and sent pictures. Literally within the hour tech support called and left a message on what we had done wrong. All’s well that ends well. Tech support is super and the product is doing just what it says it will do. VERY HAPPY CAMPER.

- James P. Prohs, United States on August 13, 2020

Works great!!!

Installed the SoftStart on my breeze ll air conditioner on my RV in about 1 hour. Upon startup, the unit was starting quieter. I was running my RV power using a 15 amp 120vac adaptor for my 50amp power cord. The AC unit started perfectly. I am very pleased with this product and would recommend to anyone with an RV.

- Jerry, United States on April 29, 2020

The unit works as described.

I added the SoftStartRV SSRV3T unit basically so I could stop for lunch or rest while traveling and be able to run the air conditioning. After adding the unit to my travel trailer air conditioner, my little Honda 2200i handles it perfectly. Installation was easy and the installation instructions online made it relativity simple to install. I would recommend this to anyone that needs to be able to run air conditioning on a small generator for any reason. Great product!

- Amazon Customer, United States on July 31, 2020

I can use my Honda 2000 generator.

Works as advertised, glad I bought it.


- Amazon Customer, United States on April 24, 2020

Works as Designed!!!

Easy to install and worked without a flaw. Contacted tech support with a question and they called me in a matter of minutes and followed up with an email.

- richard dodson, United States on June 24, 2020

Should’ve installed sooner

Cool at the camp after this easy upgrade! Great customer service and support. I’m glad I bought this instead of another generator.

- AC, United States on July 31, 2020

Best tech-support I ever had

The product works great and the tech support was amazing!

- Robert, United States on August 24, 2020

It works sooooo well

It eliminated ALL the startup surge . Works as described.

- Austin William McCormick, United States on June 25, 2020

Great product!

This Softstart is Great. Easy install and super performance!

- Jason Blakeman, United States on July 21, 2020

Works as stated.

I need something to help reduce the load on my generator, I converted my RV from 30 amp to a 50 amp, shore line only, I still have a 4.0 generator for dry camping, I installed this unit and now I’m having no problems dry camping. Big thanks…

- Bo, United States on July 27, 2020

Great product with good installation instructions.

This shipped immediately and delivered in 2 days. Install was fairly straight forward. I have a Coleman Mach series unit and the are two possibilities for the start cap wiring…had to figure out what was really in the unit. Install took a little over an hour. It’s too cold right now to give it a test run, but I don’t foresee any problems.

- healthythiker, United States on March 14, 2020

Very impressed – great product!

Thanks for helping me stay cool.

I purchased 2 SoftStartRVs, one for myself and one for a friend. DIY installation was easy. The compressor start-up is very quiet now, no more ‘THUMP’. My wife and kids don’t wake up in the middle of the night.
Before installing the SoftStartRV on my friend’s trailer, we tried starting his 13,500 BTU A/C using his single Honda EU2000i generator. With the Honda in ECO mode, the A/C fan running on low, we tried to start the compressor. The Honda went into overload and then disconnected from the load. After installing the SoftStartRV, we performed the same test. The A/C started fine and the overload light on the Honda didn’t even flicker.

The SoftStartRV should be standard equipment on all RV air conditioners.

Thanks again for an amazing product.

- Allison Van Buren, United States on March 7, 2020

Run your rooftop AC with a generator

STEP 3: Just do it you won’t be disappointed.

I have a Champion 3400 Dual Fuel Inverter Generator and a 13,500 btu AC unit on my camper. The generator wouldn’t run the AC unit. It would always fault out.
Installed 2 others, they didn’t work
Installed this one, the generator runs just over idle in ECO mode while still remaining quite. Best purchase ever for the camper. Now I can run my rooftop on a 20 amp plug when needed (with a short cord of course) but still when your in a pinch and need cold air in Florida this helps.
It was expensive but it was worth it. The install took 20 mins and I’m a slow reader. Follow the directions and it will be OK. Make sure you a have wire strippers, crimpers and the kit to install this. You will not be disappointed and you will enjoy camping anywhere now, not just where there is power.

- clarnp49, United States on May 19, 2020

Great Product and Great Customer Support

I purchased this to be able to run my Lance travel trailer air conditioner using my Yamaha generator. I live at 7400 feet in Colorado and often camp at even higher altitudes, and the Yamaha balked at the start-up loads of the air conditioner. I installed the SoftStartRV without any problems (I did call Brian at SoftStartRV support once–he returned my call immediately and gave great guidance). Now my generator handles the air conditioner easily! No more hot nights in my trailer wishing I could run the air! Great product and great customer support.

- Mike, United States on March 26, 2020

Works like a champ!

I am converting a cargo van to a campervan. My intention is to be all electric. My goal was to be able to run an A/C while off-grid. I probably won’t actually do that very often, but if I can do that, then I shouldn’t have any issues with my electrical system’s capacity. Trying to start my A/C on anything other than shore power wasn’t doable. The generator would stall and/or trip the breaker. Same for my inverter — it would trip the output breaker immediately at startup. I had to read the instructions a couple of times — I was being extra careful since I didn’t want to damage this unit or my A/C — but once installed I could start my A/C no sweat with the generator OR the inverter. Looking forward to some cool(er) times ahead even when off-grid!

- Amazon Customer, United States on April 28, 2020

easy install

I had heard about this about a year ago but thought it was mostly hype. I finally gave in and purchased one to see if they really work. The install was fairly easy, I did contact customer support once just to make sure I was doing things correctly, and they were very helpful. I have run the A/C unit now for a couple of days and have had no problem with tripped breakers or anything like that. The A/C cycles nicely and the unit seems to do as promised. I am going to buy another for the other A/C unit.

- amart, United States on May 30, 2020

Product and install looks straight forward…waiting for mother nature to cooperate!

We travel to do volunteer home repair work after major storms. Most often the places we stay are in the South and have 30 amp hook-ups at best. We purchased this in hopes that we can enjoy AC in conjunction with other small electric devices. Although I had intended to have it installed and tried by now, mother nature has decided that winter is not over yet! I plan to install it as soon as spring shows up and will update further, however, based on the numerous reviews I’ve read, I have every reason to believe SoftStartRV will be the solution we need.

- Skiing Nana, United States on April 24, 2020

Great product even better tech support!

Seems like a great product. The “thump” when the a/c compressor kicks on on our trailer is much softer now at startup indicating a smoother (and therefore less surge current) startup. Best part was their tech support – I did not see my particular A/C unit listed on their page. Sent an email to their tech support asking about the wiring and very quickly, they (Danny) responded that there were actually several versions of that one and could I send him a picture of the wiring diagram from inside the A/C. Did that and within a very short period of time, he sent me back the correct wiring diagram for my unit. Installed it per the diagram and his instructions and it seems to work great.

MikeF, United States on September 5, 2020

Purchased this for use with my Sportsman 2200 inverter generator to be able to Boondock

After seeing this on some You Tube videos of full time RV’ers, I decided to get it to install in my new 20 ft travel trailer as we want to do some boondocking. This review will only be for the actual installation as we have not had the opportunity to use it yet. My husband said it was easy to install and the directions were pretty simple. The only thing he did notice was the directions (as well as the tutorial videos) did not mention to de-energize the capacitor which he knew held voltage. If someone doesn’t know this, they could be shocked. I am sure this product will be a big advantage for us, especially to use our air conditioner while boondocking. It is nice to not have to lug our large generator around with us.

- Robin Scott, United States on May 12, 2020

Customer Service is there promptly when you need it, Thank you

Used on my RV at home plugged into a 15 amp service, I can run 1 ac to help keep it cool and moisture out! I had concerns with the wiring, contacted SoftStartRV and Phil called me back, he helped me with every detail of the install, he was the best.
Thank you SoftStart and Phil

Garrett M., United States on April 5, 2020

Great soft start

Soft start works great. Had issues in the beginning with installation. Wiring installed incorrectly, seller very helpful to resolve sending different instructions and reviewing pictures of installation and offering tips.

- Will S, United States on February 1, 2020

Works great and fast support for installation

I just returned from an extended vacation through Texas enduring the 100+ degree weather. The soft start worked great with no problems getting my small generator (2350 watts) to work with my air conditioner (13,500 BTU) and the support service was also exceptional. Due to a delivery issue I received my air conditioner almost a week after I received the soft start and only two days before I was to start my vacation. The soft-start team did not have the wiring diagrams for my air conditioner but after sending them the first day their technician Barry was able to send me the directions the next day. The instructions were concise and easy to follow allowing me to leave on time for my vacation.

- Amazon Customer, United States on August 26, 2020

Tested Out And Working Perfectly

After receiving my two Softstart units I studied both the PDF and video instructions to find that my A/C units were not covered for any of the provided wiring instructions. I then requested help through the “Ticket Support”. Shortly afterwards I was contacted by Phil and through his superb and patient direction I was able to complete the installation of both units. I am very pleased to say that both of my A/C’s with the Softstart units perform as advertised. I am also pleased with the fact that I can now run one of the A/C’s at my home on household 120v / 20 amp breaker with a HD extension cord and not have to rely on a 50 amp service. I am now looking forward to being comfortable whether I’m hooked up to shore power or my portable generator. Thank you again Phil.

- P. Leddy

Most Excellent.

Fairly easy to install on my 2017 Coleman Mach. Followed directions from YouTube. Works as described.

- duncii, United States on February 20, 2020

Works great

Great customer support.

- Rich, United States on June 6, 2020

Pretty easy to install

Installation took about 45 minutes (mostly because the cold was making my hands numb), but with the help of the installation video, it was pretty easy. The included installation kit had everything I needed to install the kit. I came in and the AC fired up nice and smooth. Good product, much better price than competitors.

- Marc Fitzroy, United States on February 9, 2020

wire install, videos online helped.

Install was on a Coleman Mach Cub. It took about an hour, AC is working off a Powerhorse 2000 from Northern freight.. Soft Start Rv works great at running my RV AC.

- Scott Light, United States on July 30, 2020

Happy with this product. Thanks

Trusted, simple, good price. Would order again.

- Ed whitespeare, United States on September 17, 2020

work great

Got it on time, a little trouble installing but works great

- Judy, United States on February 27, 2020

Top Notch​

The assistance from your technician Phil was top notch. Each step was described clearly and without error. I enjoyed my discussions, even after my phone quit and a time zone glitch, but everything went great. I now await warm weather to try my A/C unit out. I have already contacted two of my RV friends and told them about the soft-start add on. I believe they will follow up and modify their units. Thanks again for great service.

- Joe Rose

It really does work!​

Running 13.5k AC off a single Honda EU2000 I was on the fence with getting one of these for quite a while, despite a lot of glowing reviews. It is a fair amount of money for an upgrade. But, with this new competitor to the “other brand” soft start and the double warranty, cheaper price etc, I decided to give it a whirl.

- Larry E

Customer Service is there promptly when you need it, Thank you​

Used on my RV at home plugged into a 15 amp service, I can run 1 ac to help keep it cool and moisture out! I had concerns with the wiring, contacted SoftStartRV and Phil called me back, he helped me with every detail of the install, he was the best. Thank you SoftStart and Phil.

- Garrett M.

Great product with good installation instructions.​

This shipped immediately and delivered in 2 days. Install was fairly straight forward. I have a Coleman Mach series unit and there are two possibilities for the start cap wiring…had to figure out what was really in the unit. Install took a little over an hour. It’s too cold right now to give it a test run, but I don’t foresee any problems.

- Healthy Thinker

Installation was very simple on my mere year old 13.5k Dometic Brisk Air II.​

NetworkRV has diagrams you can print out and follow, which really simplifies things. It took maybe 30 minutes to install. We fired it up on house 120AC just to make sure it was wired up correctly and working (it was). We then unplugged shore power and fired up our Honda EU2000. Initially we tried it on ECO, but it wouldn’t fire it up. The delay from ECO to full power was too long and the generator got in a weird surge rhythm trying to supply enough juice. No big deal, I did not expect it to work on ECO mode. I am at over 5000ft elevation and Generators simply don’t have as much power as at sea level. Try 2, we turned ECO off and then tried the AC again, it fired right up and worked great! We turned off the AC, gave it a few minutes for the AC head pressure to equalize, then tried it again. It started right up with zero problems what-so-ever!

Works Like A Champ!​

Discovered right away coming to Florida that trying to run an air conditioner with a generator is impossible. It just kills the generator. So there we are sweating it out in, you know, a nice weekend, trying to enjoy everything and it’s so hot. And now, with this SoftStartRV installed in my trailer, I can hook my generator up and turn my air conditioning on anywhere and it works like a champ. It went in easy. I think the total install time was maybe 45 minutes, tested it out and it was flawless. And so I’m really happy to have this product and now I can enjoy a cooler time, and I can camp in those areas where I can get away from everybody and still be very, very comfortable.

- Dennis H.

Bottom line, IT ABSOLUTELY DOES WORK! We fired the AC right up on a single EU2000i.​

I am so happy I don’t have to lug around 2 generators, twice the space, twice the refueling etc etc. Very cool upgrade for sure. And very happy with the unit. 

D. Christensen

Excellent customer service!

Brian was very responsive and even stayed on my case after hours to help me with my installation. Once installed product worked excellent. Now the AC is even easier on my Honda EU2200I generator than my Microwave.

- Brian K


…SoftstartRV, is a device that starts your Air Conditioner without the big surge of power that bogs down your generator. I bought one from NetworkRV.com on Amazon and installed it. I can’t tell you how impressed I was with Brian and his company. As we all know it isn’t a perfect world, I had some questions and Brian was so helpful. This is when a company is tested and Brian and NetworkRV came through. I can now start my new Dometic on my Honda EU-2000 on propane. No more having to haul gas around, no more gas smell. The A/C ramps up slowly instead of the hard surge now. Thank you Brian for all your help in installing this device, we can‘t wait to dry camp now. We used to worry about leaving our dogs alone with the A/C on while running on the Honda. Now I don’t have to worry about popping the surge protector when it cycles.

- Ernie L

Holy smokes I am impressed!​

I feel at higher elevations, where generators loose 10% per 3000ft elevation (read that somewhere), a EU2000 is on the edge of powering my RV AC. I sold my pair of EU2000’s I was using previously, and have now upgraded to a single EU2200i, just to give me that additional power boost when we are up at +8000ft elevation in the national forest on hot days.

easy install once i had wire diagram​

does what it said

- jeff groshans, United States on June 2, 2020

Giant improvement!​

Installation was on a Brisk II. Before the install, Honda 2000 had difficulty starting the compressor on eco mode. After installation, the A/C starts and runs with the generator on eco mode. No more stupid thump and trailer shaking when the compressor starts. Installation was super easy, and I have never taken the cover off of my rooftop A/C before. If I can do it, anybody can. I highly recommend SoftstartRV!

- Bill

This is terrific!​

I bought the SoftstartRVand installed it in my Dometic15000 BTU A/C on my 5th Wheel! I was having a small problem wiring it and called the customer service line. Surprisingly, a real person answered. He explained the wiring process step by step. Thank you, My 2000-watt Honda generator started my A/C easily. A smart decision I made on getting this unit. Thank You!

- Brian

What a great product!

I have a 2003 Roadtrek 190 Versatile RV, fitted with a Dometic Cool Cat 10,500 BTU Heat Pump Air Conditioner.
I wanted to be able to run the air conditioner using my Pulsar PG2300iS 18000watt running (23000watt peak) Portable Gas-Powered Quiet Inverter Generator. Unfortunately, when I turned the air conditioner on the generator would stall every time.

Then I decided to get a SoftStart unit. The first task was figuring out where the wiring was hidden in the air conditioner. It turned out to be easy enough. I had to remove the roof cover and unscrew two lockdown screws at the rear of the air conditioner to be able to move the a/c backward. I also removed two screws from inside the RV to take off the front cover. I found that I could push the a/c back and rotate it slightly to get at the wiring compartment cover, held in place with two more screws. The a/c heat pump circuit diagram was attached to the inside of the cover.

I went to the SoftStart website to look for a wiring diagram that matched my diagram. Unfortunately, none of the available examples matched mine. So, I put in a ticket request for help and they answered the same evening with a quick diagram to get me started, and with a promise that a professionally designed diagram for the Cool Cat was being processed. Armed with the rough diagram I was able to work out all but one of the connections. Installation was easy. Mainly cutting and splicing five wires into the circuit wiring. The step by step directions that came with the unit were excellent. I did have an issue with the Blue wire. It was shown directly connected to R on the compressor. I tried that and it didn’t work. Because my unit is a heat pump there is a Cold Control also connected to R. I solved the problem by removing the White wire, going to the Cold Control, at the Run Capacitor, and connecting the Blue wire to the White wire. Problem solved!

Now, the Pulsar 1800watt generator starts the a/c unit every time.

The SoftStart unit is amazing. It is so gentle and quiet that it is hard to believe that the a/c unit is running. The cool air certainly proves that it is.

The SoftStart’s online help was impressive. They not only responded quickly via email but they had also attempted to contact me by phone several times to give me wire by wire directions. I live in a black hole for cell phone signals and was not getting their calls. So they sent further emails asking me to contact them.

I do have previous a/c experience as well as an electronics background so I was able to work out the final part of the puzzle myself, but they were 100% there trying to help. Please DO NOT attempt to install a SoftStart unit based on my review. Always contact SoftStart and they will advise you to step by step with their phone assistance.

All in all, I highly recommend the SoftStart unit. It is amazing, and if you have a basic air conditioner unit then you will be able to make use of the online information and excellent included installation notes, and live phone call assistance if necessary to do the installation. If you don’t feel comfortable doing the installation then do contact an electrician to have the work done. Capacitors can hold a dangerous charge even after the power has been disconnected and electricity is potentially lethal so don’t take any unnecessary risk
I think that the SoftStart unit is worth every penny.

- LowFlyer, United States on June 10, 2020

A/C with a 2000W starting 15A generator!

Installed it on my Dometic Brisk 2 and after shore power calibration for 15 min or so, I switched over to my Wen 2000 starting watt generator. The generator could not handle the start load before installing it and it fired up and stayed running after I installed the soft start. I’m ecstatic that it worked the way it did. Going out this weekend and will test it under different altitude and temperature conditions. At home test was at around 5000′ and 88 F.

One, somewhat expected issue, is that when combined with the load of charging my camper batteries, the generator tripped. So I’ll have to run it with no other appliances and most breakers off, which given how hot the inside of my camper gets, I’m totally ok with sacrificing some charge time for having working A/C when there’s no hookup.

I was also a bit unsure if I could do the wiring work since it seemed a little intimidating, but if you follow the directions for your particular A/C unit, you should be fine. The directions provided on the website were very thorough. They make it easy.

- Cale Dunlap, United States on August 5, 2020