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SoftStartRV provides an effective solution in the reduction of startup current, typically up to 70%, but still provides full startup torque for compressors and motors.

The starting of an air-conditioner compressor or induction motor is accompanied by:

  • Inrush currents up to 7-8 times higher than running current, and
  • Starting torque up to 3 times higher than running torque.

The increased unnecessary torque results in sudden mechanical stress on the machine which leads to increased wear, higher service costs and reduced service life.


Plus, the high inrush current and current peaks may stress the power supply system to increased mains and generator loads which may lead to voltage dips – resulting in breaking down of other valuable equipment or systems.
SoftStartRV is the best RV A/C soft starter kit for these situations.

SoftStartRV is an embedded design air-conditioner soft start controller for single phase A/C power systems. It regulates the startup voltage of the compressor and/or motor intelligently to easily reduce the inrush and surge current while starting up. As a result, much less power is needed from on-site the A/C power supply system – while enabling full startup torque for compressors and motors.

SoftStartRV effectively limits the inrush current, and improves the stability of the power supply while reducing transient voltage drops that may affect or break down other loads.
This eliminates the need for excessive power supply, which results in:
– Reduced equipment costs,
– Efficiencies in power supply capacity, charge meter, circuit breaker, and power wireline capacity.
Ultimately, it extends the service life of the motor or compressor.

Not only does the SoftStartRV ease strain on the power source, but it’s also less stressful for the compressor since it starts more gently.
Additionally, it provides valuable protection by shutting down the compressor if the power source – or the connection to the compressor – is briefly interrupted, then it re-attempts a soft start after a three-minute delay.

SoftStartRV is a compact, lightweight cost-effective soft start controller with fireproof housing, and sealed by resin.
As a result, it can withstand extreme weather, and survive in harsh environments (such as installation within outdoor rooftop air conditioner units).

This makes SoftStartRV a cost-effective RV air conditioner soft start kit solution with high reliability and longevity.

  • Start 2 A/Cs on a 30-amp hookup! (requires one SoftStartRV on each A/C unit)
  • Up to 52% smaller than all the rest!
  • Fits anywhere other soft starters can’t – especially in the tight space of new rooftop A/Cs.
  • Waterproof enclosure – an industry exclusive – to work in wet environments.
  • FREE 90-Day “Love It Or Return It” guarantee.
  • Each purchase comes with 2 FREE GIFTS (a $27 value!).
  • A FREE Crimping and Wire Stripping Tool for our easy 6-step No-Cut, No-Splice installation.
  • A FREE Installation Kit that our customers love. It saves them from trying to locate and buy the proper wiring connectors – it’s all provided!
  • Free Shipping in the U.S.A. (UPS) and Canada (DHL).
  • Free Returns – NO return shipping fees and NO restocking fees.
  • A FREE 3-Year Warranty (similar products have a one-year warranty then charge for the second year)
  • FREE “live” Tech Support where you need it the most – on the roof! No one else offers our level of customer support. Customers LOVE our support team.
  • SoftStart Concierge Professional Installation Service available if desired (extra).

Easy To Install



Find a good spot under the cover of the rooftop A/C unit. The SSRV3T3 unit should be securely, vertically installed on a vertical panel with wires at the bottom.



Each SoftStartRV unit comes complete with
hardware fasteners, and is also equipped with a heavy-duty adhesive bonding pad to mount to most any type of surface.



Get wiring diagrams specific to your RV at:

Other helpful links include:

Easily Installs Under A/C
Covers (Location depends on A/C design. Size of
SoftStartRV unit not shown to scale.)

What the SoftStartRV does is manage the start-up power surge so that it doesn’t hit at once, but gradually, avoiding the huge power spike. This device can make a huge difference in your comfort.

Chuck Woodbury Publisher, RV Travel

Technical Specifications- SoftStartRV A/C Starter

Model number: SSRV3T3
Normal working voltage: 110VAC (90-135VAC) & 240VAC (187-266VAC),
1 phase
Power consumption: Less than 3W
Protection restart time interval: 3 minutes
Maximum continuous working voltage: 135VAC/266VAC
Maximum continuous working current: 18A
Over-current limit: 30A/1 minute
Maximum non-repetitive inrush current: 170A (<20 ms)
Maximum surge current: 120A (&lt;350 ms)
Soft start-up time: 1+0.5s
Current consumption: 48mA
Operation hours: More than 45,000 hours (rated
working temperature)
Effective soft start on/off service: >100,000 times (soft-start interval not less than 3 minutes)
Insulation resistance between housing and chassis: > 300 MQ
Withstand voltage between housing and chassis: 3000VAC in 1 minute
Shock resistance: More than 200m/s2 and 11ms
Anti-vibration: 10-55mm (double amplitude, 1.5mm)
Protection restart time interval: 3minutes
Working temperature: -40°F to 185°F (-40°C to 85°C)
Working humidity: 0-95% RH — <104°F (<40°C)
Dimensions: 5.6 x 2.9 x 2.0 in. (142 mm x 73 mm x 51 mm)
Weight: 1 lb. 5 oz. (0.60 kg)
Warranty: One-year limited warranty (standard); Three-year
limited warranty available (see details inside product package)


Complete Product Includes:

1. Model SSRV3T3 air conditioner soft starter
2. 3-ft. wiring (5 wires)
3. Instruction guide
4. Wire crimping tool
5. Complete accessory kit:
– Wiring connectors
– Zip ties
– Hardware fasteners

Link to Download Specifications Document

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Don’t Want To Climb Up On Your RV Rooftop, Or Install The Soft Starter On Your Home A/C Yourself?

No Problem. Have a Pro do it for you.

Simply add Concierge Service to your order.

Here are the steps involved.

Step 1:
– Add the SoftStart Concierge service to your order. You’ll need to add 1 SoftStart Concierge order per soft start in your order. We’ll contact you within 1 business day to schedule your installation.

Step 2:
– On the call, we’ll figure out the most convenient time and date for one of our local, pre-screened professionals to install your soft start product per our exact guidelines.

Step 3:
– The installation can take place wherever you designate, or at a local RV dealer outlet, if appropriate.

We handle payments to the installer to ensure you are 100% satisfied that your soft start unit works perfectly.

All you do is…

– Give the SoftStartRV or SoftStartHome product to the installer when they arrive at your location.
– Test the product to assure it works and is operating as expected after the installation.
– Relax and enjoy the cool (or warm) air whether you’re exploring the country or in the comfort of your home.

In An Emergency, How Do You Keep Your Home
Cool in Summer or Warm in Winter?

How do you keep from freezing in the cold or sweltering in the heat – with little to no power?

Most central air conditioner/heat pump units need a huge burst of electricity at start-up, and most backup power sources aren’t big enough to start them.

As a result, you freeze in winter or swelter in the heat waiting for the main power to be restored.

In fact, when used in emergencies where people rely on home medical equipment and comfort-controlled environments, it could be a lifesaver!

A SoftStart Home soft starter on a central air conditioner/heat pump lets you stay comfortable by allowing the A/C and heat pump to run. How?

SoftStart Home reduces A/C and heat pump startup demand by up to 70%!

It won’t MAKE power, but it allows you to START and RUN your cooling or heating with a small generator or battery backup power.

A SoftStartHome soft starter, when installed on a air conditioner or heat pump, works with backup generators, solar-energized battery power, and other auxiliary power systems to operate more devices than previously possible.

SoftStart Home™ lets you:


Low AMP AC Startup

Reduces startup power demand by up to 70%. Delivers more efficient cooling and heating startup
with main and backup power sources. Helps keep
power demand down during peak periods.

No more loud knocks, vibrations or dim lights during startup.
Reduces stress on compressor; extends A/C and heat pump life.

3 Years Free

Best warranty in the industry – 3 years with online registration.
Free 90-day trial. Super-easy return policy eliminates hassles.

Compatible 240V

Compatible with 115V-240V air conditioners worldwide; up to 6 tons (72,000 BTUs).
Works with most residential and commercial A/C and heat pump units.


Read What Our Customers Are Saying!

Joe Rose

Top Notch

The assistance from your technician Phil was top notch. Each step was described clearly and without error. I enjoyed my discussions, even after my phone quit and a time zone glitch, but everything went great. I now await warm weather to try my A/C unit out. I have already contacted two of my RV friends and told them about the soft-start add on. I believe they will follow up and modify their units. Thanks again for great service.

Larry E.

It really does work!

Running 13.5k AC off a single Honda EU2000 I was on the fence with getting one of these for quite a while, despite a lot of glowing reviews. It is a fair amount of money for an upgrade. But, with this new competitor to the “other brand” soft start and the double warranty, cheaper price etc, I decided to give it a whirl.

John D.

Works Great!

I was dubious as to how this product would work, especially considering the price. I have to say the sellers video and specific instructions for each make and model a/c made the install a piece of cake. This thing really works — you can’t hardly hear the compressor when it kicks in. Very quite and seems to work perfect with my light weight 2200 watt generator. Highly recommend.

D. Christensen

Installation was very simple on my mere year old 13.5k Dometic Brisk Air II.

NetworkRV has diagrams you can print out and follow, which really simplifies things. It took maybe 30 minutes to install. We fired it up on house 120AC just to make sure it was wired up correctly and working (it was). We then unplugged shore power and fired up our Honda EU2000. Initially we tried it on ECO, but it wouldn’t fire it up. The delay from ECO to full power was too long and the generator got in a weird surge rhythm trying to supply enough juice. No big deal, I did not expect it to work on ECO mode. I am at over 5000ft elevation and Generators simply don’t have as much power as at sea level. Try 2, we turned ECO off and then tried the AC again, it fired right up and worked great! We turned off the AC, gave it a few minutes for the AC head pressure to equalize, then tried it again. It started right up with zero problems what-so-ever! Holy smokes I am impressed! I feel at higher elevations, where generators loose 10% per 3000ft elevation (read that somewhere), a EU2000 is on the edge of powering my RV AC. I sold my pair of EU2000’s I was using previously, and have now upgraded to a single EU2200i, just to give me that additional power boost when we are up at +8000ft elevation in the national forest on hot days. Bottom line, IT ABSOLUTELY DOES WORK! We fired the AC right up on a single EU2000i. 🙂 I am so happy I don’t have to lug around 2 generators, twice the space, twice the refueling etc etc. Very cool upgrade for sure. And very happy with the unit.

Ernie L.


SoftstartRV, is a device that starts your Air Conditioner without the big surge of power that bogs down your generator. I bought one from on Amazon and installed it. I can’t tell you how impressed I was with Brian and his company. As we all know it isn’t a perfect world, I had some questions and Brian was so helpful. This is when a company is tested and Brian and NetworkRV came through. I can now start my new Dometic on my Honda EU-2000 on propane. No more having to haul gas around, no more gas smell. The A/C ramps up slowly instead of the hard surge now. Thank you Brian for all your help in installing this device, we can‘t wait to dry camp now. We used to worry about leaving our dogs alone with the A/C on while running on the Honda. Now I don’t have to worry about popping the surge protector when it cycles.

P. Leddy

Tested Out And Working Perfectly

After receiving my two Softstart units I studied both the PDF and video instructions to find that my A/C units were not covered for any of the provided wiring instructions. I then requested help through the “Ticket Support”. Shortly afterwards I was contacted by Phil and through his superb and patient direction I was able to complete the installation of both units. I am very pleased to say that both of my A/C’s with the Softstart units perform as advertised. I am also pleased with the fact that I can now run one of the A/C’s at my home on household 120v / 20 amp breaker with a HD extension cord and not have to rely on a 50 amp service. I am now looking forward to being comfortable whether I’m hooked up to shore power or my portable generator. Thank you again Phil.

Dennis H.

Works Like A Champ!

Discovered right away coming to Florida that trying to run an air conditioner with a generator is impossible. It just kills the generator. So there we are sweating it out in, you know, a nice weekend, trying to enjoy everything and it’s so hot. And now, with this SoftStartRV installed in my trailer, I can hook my generator up and turn my air conditioning on anywhere and it works like a champ. It went in easy. I think the total install time was maybe 45 minutes, tested it out and it was flawless. And so I’m really happy to have this product and now I can enjoy a cooler time, and I can camp in those areas where I can get away from everybody and still be very, very comfortable.

Brian K

Excellent customer service!

Brian was very responsive and even stayed on my case after hours to help me with my installation. Once installed product worked excellent. Now the AC is even easier on my Honda EU2200I generator than my Microwave.

Bill N.

Giant improvement!

Installation was on a Brisk II. Before the install, Honda 2000 had difficulty starting the compressor on eco mode. After installation, the A/C starts and runs with the generator on eco mode. No more stupid thump and trailer shaking when the compressor starts. Installation was super easy, and I have never taken the cover off of my rooftop A/C before. If I can do it, anybody can. I highly recommend SoftstartRV!

Garrett M.

Customer Service is there promptly when you need it, Thank you

Used on my RV at home plugged into a 15 amp service, I can run 1 ac to help keep it cool and moisture out! I had concerns with the wiring, contacted SoftStartRV and Phil called me back, he helped me with every detail of the install, he was the best. Thank you SoftStart and Phil.

Healthy Thinker

Great product with good installation instructions.

This shipped immediately and delivered in 2 days. Install was fairly straight forward. I have a Coleman Mach series unit and there are two possibilities for the start cap wiring…had to figure out what was really in the unit. Install took a little over an hour. It’s too cold right now to give it a test run, but I don’t foresee any problems.

Brian S.

This is terrific!

I bought the SoftstartRVand installed it in my Dometic15000 BTU A/C on my 5th Wheel! I was having a small problem wiring it and called the customer service line. Surprisingly, a real person answered. He explained the wiring process step by step. Thank you, My 2000-watt Honda generator started my A/C easily. A smart decision I made on getting this unit. Thank You!

Allison Van B..

Very impressed – great product!

Thanks for helping me stay cool. I purchased 2 SoftStartRVs, one for myself and one for a friend. DIY installation was easy. The compressor start-up is very quiet now, no more ‘THUMP’. My wife and kids don’t wake up in the middle of the night. Before installing the SoftStartRV on my friend’s trailer, we tried starting his 13,500 BTU A/C using his single Honda EU2000i generator. With the Honda in ECO mode, the A/C fan running on low, we tried to start the compressor. The Honda went into overload and then disconnected from the load. After installing the SoftStartRV, we performed the same test. The A/C started fine and the overload light on the Honda didn’t even flicker. The SoftStartRV should be standard equipment on all RV air conditioners. Thanks again for an amazing product.

Real U.S. based Tech Support team.

Our team of seasoned professionals can help you with Tech Support, Installation Help, Troubleshooting, getting Wiring Diagrams for your specific RV A/C model, filling out Warranty information, or reviewing FAQ’s about our soft start products.

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