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SoftStartRV Soft Starter
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SoftStartRV provides an effective solution in the reduction of start-up current, typically up to 70%, but still provides full startup torque for compressors and motors. The starting of air-conditioner compressor or induction motors is accompanied by inrush currents up to 7-8 times higher than running current and starting torque up to 3 times higher than running torque. The increased unnecessary torque results in sudden mechanical stress on the machine which leads to increased wear and higher service costs and reduced service life. Plus, the high inrush current and current peaks may stress the power supply system to increased mains and generator loads which may lead to voltage dips results in breaking down of other valuable equipment or systems. It is the best soft start rv a/c kit.
SoftStartRV is an embedded design air-conditioner soft start controller for single phase soft start for air-conditioner power systems. It regulates the start-up voltage of the compressor/motor intelligently to effectively reduce the inrush and surge current while starting-up, thus consuming much less power from on-site AC power supply system – yet it still provides full startup torque for compressors and motors.
SoftStartRV effectively limits the inrush current and so improves the stability of the power supply and reduces transient voltage drops that may affect or break down other loads. This eliminates the need for excessive power supply which results in reduced equipment costs, investment in power supply capacity, charge meter, circuit breaker, and power wireline capacity, and it extends the service life of the motor or compressor.
Not only does the SoftStartRV ease strain on the power source, but it’s also less stressful for the Compressor itself since it starts more gently. Additionally, it provides valuable protection by shutting down the compressor if the power source or the connection to the compressor is briefly interrupted, then it re-attempts a soft start after a three-minute delay.
SoftStartRV is a compact size, lightweight cost-effective soft start controller with fireproof housing and sealed by resin making it capable of resisting extreme weather and survive in harsh environments (A/C air-conditioner outdoor rooftop unit), this makes SoftStartRV a cost-effective rv air conditioner soft start kit solution with high reliability and stability.


  • Limits inrush  current
  • Eliminates current  surges  &  voltage  drops
  • Extends motor/compressor  service  life  with  built-in  electronic  overload  protective  relay
  • Integral bypass  contactor  reduces  heat  generation
  • Produces smoother  starts  and  stops  by  controlling  torque
  • Reduces vibration  and  mechanical  damage
  • Relieves shock  and  drive  train  stress  on  startup
  • Additional start  capacitor  and  AC  contactor  are  not  required
  • Easy to  wire and install
  • Decreases equipment downtime
  • High reliability  and  long  life

Specifications: Electrical

  • Nominal Working  Voltage:  110Vac  (90~135Vac)  /  220Vac  (187~266Vac),  single
  • Maximum continuous  working  voltage:  135VAC  /
  • Maximum continuous  working  current:  18A
  • Over Current limit:  30A/1  minute.
  • Maximum non-repetitive  inrush  current: 170A  (<20  ms).
  • Maximum surge  current:  120A  (<350  ms).
  • Soft start-up time:  1±0.5s.
  • Current consumption: 48mA (Capacitive 110VAC,  220VAC)
  • Power consumption:  less  than 3W 
  • Operation hours: better than 45,000  hours  (rated working temperature).
  • Effective soft start on/off service:  >100,000  times  (soft-start interval not less than 3  minutes). 

Protection :

  • The insulation resistance between housing and chassis:  >  300  M Ω.
  • Withstand voltage  between  housing  and  chassis:  >3000  VAC  in  1
  • Shock resistance  better than 200m/s2 and 11ms
  • Anti-vibration: 10~55mm(double amplitude, 5mm).
  • Protection restart time interval: 180


  • Working temperature: -40 to 85 C.
  • Working Humidity: 0~95% RH (<40 C).


  • Air-conditioner (applies to single-phase 110V 1HP-1.5HP / 220V 1HP-3HP)

LED indicators:

  • Running indicator – The indicator light is green when it is in normal operation. The indicator light is red when it is in the protect mode.
  • Soft starter working indicator – The indicator light is red when it is in the process of soft starting, and the indicator light will go off after the soft starting is completed.
  • Soft starter self-test status indicator – The soft starter has a self-test program of 0.5 seconds at power-up, at this time, the indicator will be on red, and the indicator will go off after the self-test is completed.