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Limited One Year Warranty*

NetworkRV warrants new products created by it to be free from production defects for a term of one year from the date of delivery to the initial end-user customer. The customer should inform NetworkRV of any defect or malfunction in writing delivered by courier, email or certified mail and received during the warranty time frame so as to secure repair or replacement of the product and, if purchased from NetworkRV, the customer should deliver the product to NetworkRV to be received before the expiration of the warranty.


The only real remedies for any warranty claim shall be the remedies of repair or full replacement at NetworkRV’s discretion. The customer expressly waives the right to assert any indirect warranty and any and other claims for resulting damages. Any court ruling requiring the indirect warranty of merchantability or other warranty expressly waived herein is restricted in time to the length of this categorical written warranty.


This warranty is ineffective if the customer or any user damages the product in his/her possession or fails to use the product as directed, misuses or abuses the product, submits the product to unreasonable use or otherwise uses the product in an exceptional manner aside from its intended use If, throughout the air conditioner manufacturer’s warranty period, the customer’s air conditioning unit experiences a compressor motor failure not covered by the manufacturer’s warranty and caused by the SoftStartRV, NetworkRV may, at its option, repair or replace the compressor motor or rooftop air conditioning unit.


This Limited Warranty is effective only through the original manufacturer-supplied warranty timeframe for the customer’s air conditioning unit and shall not exceed the timeframe of the original NetworkRV 12-month limited warranty. The only real remedies for any warranty claim shall be the remedies of repair or full replacement at NetworkRV’s discretion.


Replacements may be made with the same type or compatible compressor or a whole A/C of equal capability. The customer should return the faulty air conditioning unit to NetworkRV or its agent at the Customer’s expense within the warranty timeframe. If any disputes arise within this warranty they shall be resolved solely within a court of competent jurisdiction in Broward County Florida.


Claims within this warranty shall be allowable as long as a customer suffers “actual damage.” Actual damage is restricted to the lesser of the value of repair or replacement of the actual compressor or air conditioner in NetworkRV’s sole discretion. Consequential damages are excluded from this warranty. Attorneys’ fees shall not be subject to recovery. They shall be borne by the various parties by a client or alternative party claiming within this restricted warranty or in any other proceeding or claim.


This warranty is not transferable and shall apply solely to the original end-user customer. This warranty does not cover damage ensuing from improper use, improper installation, or any other cause not arising out of defects in materials or manufacturing.


This warranty provides you with specific legal rights; you may have other rights that change from State to State.

If applied-for and granted, this Extended Warranty shall provide and extension of one year to the original warranty period. To make this Extended Warranty effective, the customer should complete and deliver the Extended Warranty Registration process in the manner prescribed on the website and no more than ninety days from the date of purchase of the product. 


* To extend a Warranty from one year to three years FREE, register here: https://www.SoftStartRV.com/extended-warranty-application


Return Policy: No restocking fee is required on non-defective product returns. All returns are to ship UPS prepaid with tracking. All returns must be authorized in advance. We’ll typically email you a return label when requested. If you do not receive it within one business day, please check your spam folder. 


For more information:   https://www.SoftStartRV.com/returns


Warranty Information Last Updated On: 04/25/2023




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