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Thank you for your interest in becoming a Channel Partner with NetworkRV. We value building relationships with other professionals who have their sights set on long-term success.

Although we have grown rapidly, NetworkRV follows a more selective Partnering model than our competitors. This allows us to choose JV Channel Partners that share our goals and our commitment to being the best in the markets we serve.

How Our JV Channel Partner Program Works

The sales and marketing methods we use with JV Channel Partners have been tested and refined to generate optimum sales.  We contribute marketing content, articles, editorials, videos, and ads to assist when necessary.  We listen to our Partners’ ideas and implement those that make the most sense for everyone involved. 

We also issue Daily and Monthly Reports to let our Partners see the results of their efforts.  We find that Daily Reports are most valuable when a special message goes out: a daily report quickly informs a Partner of how successful a specific message is in generating interest and sales.

Partners receive an auto-emailed Monthly Report at the beginning of each month showing sales and commissions due for the previous month.  The commission amount is distributed via bank or ACH wire transfer typically within 1 to 3 days after the first business day of each month.  Canadian companies receive a mailed check if the commission amount is less than $500.

NetworkRV strives to generate maximum sales and commissions for our Partners.  Typical commissions can be from $50 to $20,000 and more per month, depending on seasonality and channel activity. Our most active JV Channel Partners earn several thousand dollars per month.  It all depends on how and when our messaging is presented to our Partners’ respective markets.  

Kindly complete the information requested below.  When we receive your information, we will begin to build special landing pages with your logo on our website. We will contact you upon completion. After approving a “live” test of the new webpages, we send the link for you to publish in your online articles or in customer emails. 

To implement our secure payment process, we ask for your bank information so that we may pay you directly via same-day wire transfer or 2-day to 3-day ACH.  

Thanks in advance. We look forward to a long-lasting, profitable relationship.

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