23. Q. Will SoftStartRV void my RV air conditioner warranty?

A. RVers who are concerned that a SoftStartRV installation may void the A/C manufacturer’s warranty for their unit’s compressor motor ask a reasonable question. According to legal experts, your warranty should not be voided. But we can’t predict what a manufacturer might claim.
NetworkRV is confident that with the correct installation, its SoftStartRV will not damage your A/C compressor. We do suggest that if you have a possible service contract issue, you contemplate uninstalling the SoftStartRV to avoid any issues related to its installation.
We have not had any customers report that a manufacturer wanted to void their air conditioner warranty due to an installation of a SoftStartRV.
Provided you follow the recommended simple wiring diagram provided with the unit, NetworkRV is sure that its product SoftStartRV cannot damage your RV air conditioner’s compressor. The 2-year SoftStartRV Warranty covers your RV air conditioner’s compressor motor.
If your manufacturer does not cover the repair or replacement of the compressor under warranty, then we’ll replace your compressor, if it’s due to the SoftStartRV malfunctioning. Here’s the online registration form for the 2 -year warranty: https://networkrv.com/softstartrv-extended-warranty-application/ NOTE: your registration is required within 90 days after purchasing the SoftStartRV to make the 2 Year Warranty effective.
Failing to Register will make the 2 year Warranty option void and your one year Warranty will expire 365 days after purchase.