Can I Use A Coleman Mach 3+ Air Conditioner With A Yamaha EF2200iiiS Generator And A SoftStartRV? Will This Combination Work? - SoftStartRV

Can I Use A Coleman Mach 3+ Air Conditioner With A Yamaha EF2000iS Generator And A SoftStartRV? Will This Combination Work?

We’ve had some customers install SoftStartRV units into 13.5K or 15K BTU A/Cs and start and run them on 2,000 Watt generators successfully.

Unfortunately some customers found that not all 2,000 Watt generators are built the same – as is the case with the Yamaha EF2000is.

We have multiple confirmed cases of our SoftStartRV unit being successfully installed and running great on the following 2000 Watt generators:

– Honda EU2000i

– Westinghouse 2000iXLT

– Yamaha EF2000iSv2

If your Yamaha generator is the older model EF2000is, perhaps a non v2 model, then our SoftStartRV unit will probably not work for your situation.

We came across this issue a few months ago, and we discussed it in an online forum. Several people were able to research and find out that Yamaha – in an attempt to compete with the Honda 2000 Watt generators, realized that their original EF2000iS 2000 Watt generator was truly not 2,000 Watt!

So in an effort to compensate, Yamaha had to make design changes and introduce the v2 model that is now on a par with a Honda EU2000i.

To recap: The older Yamaha like yours (assuming it’s the Yamaha EF2000is cannot sustain much power above 1,600 Watts from the A/C starter, so since most RVs A/C units are in the neighborhood of 1,750 Watt especially on hot days, the older Yamaha models were always declaring an overload fault above 1,600 Watts. This is well under 2,000 Watts.

It turns out the generator really needs to be able to sustain close to 2,000 Watts in order to keep any RV A/C running. And it also needs to have at least some additional room for any other auxiliary electrical loads in your RV.

Solution: Purchase a Yamaha 2000 Watt EF2000iSv2 or a Honda or a Westinghouse making sure the Wattage is 2,000 or more. Then get a SoftStartRV and install that for total freedom from 20 or 30 amp hookups. Go into the boonies with freedom and cool air anywhere.

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