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What Is The Best RV A/C Soft Start For A Camper?

Compare the hottest RV tech accessories to keep cool

Looking for the best soft start for your RV air conditioner? With a few soft starter brands on the market, choosing the right product may feel a little challenging. With our customer guide, we break down how the SoftStartRV compares to EasyStart™, the other largest RV soft starter brand on the market, from installation, to technical support, to price, soft starter reviews and more. 

With this handy guide, you’ll find the best RV air conditioner kit that will enable you to install the product with ease, start your AC more smoothly, run the AC with more accessories. Make sure your air conditioner gives you the capability you need to stay cool and keep the temperature comfortable no matter where you travel. Whether you’re looking to run a soft starter for your RV, trailer, Airstream, caravan, Casita or 5th wheel camper, our brand review guide will give you all the answers you need. 

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In this guide, we will review:

SoftStartRV Kit Vs. Micro-Air EasyStart Soft Start

Grab your camping gear, hop in the trailer, and join the club of RVers who have stayed cooler and reduced the power surge that typically occurs with air conditioner startup.

SoftStartRV vs. easystart soft starter comparison

SoftStartRV Soft Starter Vs. Micro-Air EasyStart Soft Start

You may have seen the Micro-Air EasyStart, also known as Micro-Air EasyStart 364 Soft Starter ASY-364-X20-IP, available on Amazon, from social media posts, or other online retailers. Maybe you even read reviews on the EasyStart on websites like Trailer Life, and read other reviews for the SoftStartRV on RVLife, DoItYourselfRV, or by Mike Sokol of RVTravel. Allow us to share why we believe the SoftStartRV beats out our biggest competition of Micro-Air any day. Micro-Air’s EasyStart is a good product. Ours is better because of the technology and the added benefits.

Which soft starter is easier to install in your RV AC? Perhaps the most intimidating part of purchasing any A/C soft starter is the installation process. Most RVers are not professional electricians, and no one wants to second guess their soft start and compressor installation while on top of their trailer in the hot sun. 

Unfortunately, buyers may not be aware of some common EasyStart problems. 

Multiple Restarts Required: The first problem is that during installation you need to start your air conditioner 5 different times, while giving 3 minutes in between restarts for the compressor to equalize. Not only does this require 110v campground electrical power, it adds an additional 15 minutes in the hot sun for installation, which may require users to climb on top of the RV rooftop to check the compressor or it WILL need additional technician installation time.

With softStartRV, there is no need for a “learning cycle”, and no additional startups needed. This cuts down on installation time, as the SoftStartRV operates right out of the box.

Plus, a unique advantage of the SoftStartRV installation process is that every SoftStartRV provides compressor overload protection.

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No live rooftop tech support: The second problem with MicroAir’s EasyStart is a lack of installation resources. 

Micro Air offers instructions for installation available on their website, in addition to a few installation Youtube videos.

How can SoftStartRV guide you through your installation process? When you purchase a SoftStartRV, we provide installation instructions on our website, plus several installation youtube tutorial videos, wiring diagrams, and most importantly LIVE tech support on your rooftop!

The SoftStartRV customer service is unparalleled. SoftStartRV gives you the control, and actually guides you through your installation in real time: no second guessing, no accidents with your air conditioner, no time wasted in the hot sun. SoftStartRV gives you the power and the peace of mind of a trained A/C technical support professional.

No more searching for answers on RV forum posts or trying to get a real human on the phone. When you purchase a SoftStartRV, included in your purchase is a dedicated tech team to guide you through the 5-wire installation on your RV step by step.

Our YouTube friends John and Mercedes of RV Odd Couple shared that with the on call LIVE tech support, installing their SoftStartRV was easy. Take a look at how simple their RV soft start installation was in this video clip:

How much does the EasyStart cost? The Micro-Air EasyStart364 is currently for sale on their website for $299 plus shipping. Or you could purchase the EasyStart on Amazon for $299. This $299 price tag only includes the soft starter. 

What does the purchase of an EasyStart include? You won’t receive the install kit, which is necessary to actually connect the product. Their installation kit costs an additional $9-10. And if you are dissatisfied with your EasyStart and want to return it, you’ll need to pay a 25% restocking fee. This means if you are dissatisfied for any reason, or simply want to change your mind, it will cost you $74.75 for the restocking fee, plus the return shipping of between $10-15 depending on location. 

Included in your SoftStartRV purchase is a free 2 year warranty.


What does EasyStart warranty cover? Although EasyStart now offers an included 2-year warranty, be careful to read the fine print, which states “Consequential damages are excluded from this Warranty.” 

With the SoftStartRV, pay $299 and receive:

Do customers have problems with the EasyStart? Some customers have reported problems with their EasyStart affecting the A/C performance. Don’t believe us? Take a look at a few of the Easy Start review Amazon posts: 

One EasyStart customer said “The RV has the extreme package and was designed for extreme heat/cold with extra insulation etc. I was able to cool it as much as I wanted prior to installing the Micro-Air. I would not recommend this unit if you plan on ever using your RV in a location with temps above the low 90’s until they make a unit with an appropriately sized capacitor that allows for a shorter “cool down” period.” (See the full Micro Air Easy Start review here.)

Another EasyStart review reads “I could not get the unit to operate no matter what I did. No warning lights, no indication why.” (See the full Micro-Air Soft Start reviews here.

As a reminder, another problem with MicroAir’s Easy Start is that the product requires 5 restarts to train the AC, which can take about 15 minutes. The SoftStartRV does not require any restarts to train your AC, as it automatically maximizes the amp reduction.

SoftStartRV Solutions

With dedicated tech support, we ensure any potential problem you have with your product installation on your RV is handled live over the phone. 

Check out this review from RV Life: “Installation of the SoftStartRV A/C soft start is a snap for any handy RVer. Installation instructions, a wiring diagram, video links, and great tech support are all available, as is a Bonus Install Kit. Not feeling up to it? SoftStartRV A/C soft starters are a breeze for any professional RV tech to install, typically in under 45 minutes per unit.” 

Another Amazon customer reviewed the SoftStartRV saying “I first miss-wired the unit. The instructions for my type of air conditioner were unclear. Opened up a support ticket and sent pictures. Literally within the hour tech support called and left a message on what we had done wrong. All’s well that ends well. Tech support is supper and the product is doing just what it says it will do. VERY HAPPY CAMPER.” (Read full SoftStartRV Amazon reviews here.)

How do you know if the SoftStartRV has been installed correctly? Installation on your RV is even easier with our 3 easy to read LED lights that display operating status. SoftStartRV customers love the green LED light, which indicates that everything is running properly. 

The SoftStartRV’s better display options give you the power of no-fuss installation, perfect for even the average Joe. 

RV member gear display board life run Live rooftop tech support power posts control airstream casita

How does customer service compare between the EasyStart and the SoftStartRV? SoftStartRV is the only soft start brand on the market that offers LIVE technical support to walk you through installation while you’re on your RV rooftop. 

EasyStart does not offer live rooftop tech support.

You may be wondering “How do I contact SoftStartRV customer service?” Simply submit a customer support ticket and explain your situation. A tech support technician will contact you and schedule a call with you to work through your installation on your RV in real time, just pick your date and time, AM, or PM within our support hours. 

Have another question about the SoftStartRV? 

  • Call our customer support team at 915-235-6056. Monday through Friday 9 AM – 6 PM EST, and Saturdays 10 AM to 4 PM.
  • Get answers fast on your RV installation and more with SoftStartRV FAQs here.

Ready to get on board? See purchase options for the SoftStartRV on our Products Page.

How do EasyStart reviews compare to SoftStartRV reviews? Between these two air conditioning soft starters, SoftStart RV currently has more reviews from verified Amazon customers to date. Check out some of our glowing reviews from customers who have used the SoftStartRV on their RV air conditioners.

Run your air conditioners with SoftStartRV and crack the code on how so many satisfied customers optimize their RV life on the road by keeping the temperature cool and comfortable, whether they’re on the road in an airstream, casita, or trailer. At SoftStartRV, we pride ourselves on giving you the control you need with your AC unit. 

The assistance from your technician Phil was top notch. Each step was described clearly and without error. I enjoyed my discussions, even after my phone quit and a time zone glitch, but everything went great... I have already contacted two of my RV friends and told them about the soft start add on. I believe they will follow up and modify their units. Thanks again for great service.

SoftStartRV Features Vs. EasyStart Soft Starter Features

How does the EasyStart compare to the SoftStartRV? To see how our product features compare to the competitors at a glance, check out our handy product guide chart to see how we stack up against Micro-Air. The soft starter product features will guide you on exactly how well your air conditioners will perform in your RV with either product. Special features include LED lights, which display installation status, inrush current reduction, a durable case, and no need for multiple restarts on your unit.

RV member gear display board life run Live rooftop tech support power posts control airstream casita

Ready to start living the life you want in your RV?

Become a member of the NetworkRV family and order a SoftStartRV. We deliver on our promise to keep your RV cool. With free tech support, free extended warranty, and 100% money back guarantee for 90 days, our special discount beats competitors and gives you the peace of mind to buy with confidence. 

Trust has to be earned and we want to earn it

We appreciate the faith and trust you have placed in us in purchasing and using our SoftStartRV. More and more we’ve come to understand that we are a referral-based business. Hence, we appreciate and encourage anyone in your life right now such as a father, mother, son, daughter, uncle, cousin, neighbor, or fellow camper that has a need to be cool anywhere in their RV, and needs THE BEST expert opinion or soft start solution. We promise you we will give them our preferential service. And even if they choose to NOT buy our products, we will still try and help them solve their RV cooling issues.

Because you referred us, we are ready, willing, and passionately able to serve the people that are important to you. We want to help make smart campers smarter by giving them the most thorough, most meaningful, professional soft start advice. We will provide for them solutions, recommendations, videos, diagrams, plus LIVE rooftop tech call support. We will treat them in an incredibly special way on how to stay cool anywhere, anytime in their RV.

So please feel confident in your recommendation of us. Trust has to be earned, and we hope we have earned that in you to a degree you feel at ease in suggesting that special person, or special dog or cat who may need camper cooling in hot weather. We trust our help will be sought without reservations, thanks to your sincerest recommendations.

Need more convincing?

 We’re looking forward to showing you why we believe our product is the best choice for your RV, trailer, airstream, or casita. Before you take advantage of our offer, let our satisfied SoftStartRV customers do the talking for us. 

Have more questions?

Visit our FAQ section to get answers to questions like:

      • Compressor motors are connected in a way that lets them draw as much power as required to get up to speed quickly. Because of this design, the motors require a massive current surge when they start….(read more)
      • A hard start kit is simply a start capacitor and a thermal device that temporarily connects it to the compressor only for a short time during startup (a “PTCR”). During startup, the hard start diverts more current to the compressor’s start winding to help “boost” the torque…(read more).
      • Yes. You can run your A/C with an inverter, but it’s not very practical for the typical RVer.…(read more).

Read all FAQs on the Soft Start RV here.

member gear display board life run Live rooftop tech support power posts control airstream casita

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