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Referral Rewards 

Fill in the boxes below and you and your Rving friend will each receive a $25 Gift Card provided they purchased from us directly at: (If they purchased elsewhere, we will issue a Gift Card to you only.)  If they use this link, Gift Cards.

We appreciate the faith and trust you have placed in us in purchasing and using our SoftStartRV.

Please feel confident in your recommendation of us.  

Trust has to be earned, and we hope we have earned that trust in you to the degree that you feel at ease in suggesting that special person, such as a father, mother, son, daughter, uncle, cousin, neighbor, fellow camper or special dog or cat who may need camper cooling in hot weather.  

We trust our help will be sought without reservation, thanks to your sincerest recommendations. 

Just email this link to them:

 Thank you for joining our ever-growing family of SoftStartRV users and fans.

 Stay Safe,

Doug and Brian

All Gift Cards are sent via email. We do not offer postal mail delivery. Your referral friend will receive the same via their email.