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Thank you for your interest in becoming a Dealer with us. The company values its relationships with other entities and always has its sights set on the long term.

Although the company has had immense growth in a short time period, we follow a more selective distribution model than our competitors. This method allows choosing its dealers/distributors by criteria that are mainly qualitative. It consequently ensures commercialization that benefits the brands it carries.

Selective distribution is useful as we do not sell to dealers/resellers that do not comply with certain qualifications. we

Business Information

Kindly fill out the application towards opening an account with us to sell our products. Once the application is completed, a representative will contact you to obtain more information and to ensure that your business qualifies to open an account.
The process may take a while but it is necessary for the protection of our brands and our current dealers/resellers. We support ethical business practices and expect anyone that uses our platform and products to adhere to our policies and procedures. Our business-to-business goal is to establish, maintain, and nurture long-term relationships that benefit all parties.  That being said, if you’d like to apply, we welcome your application. We focus on long-term relationships, we hope you do too.


Please read. This is not the usual yada, yada...

CUSTOMERS: NetworkRV LLC sells wholesale to retail establishments with a store front; to Dealers who sell to installers and end-user customers; and to Distributors who sell to Dealers with a physical location. All web sales must first be pre-approved by NetworkRV LLC through a written agreement. All new orders require approval. Sale of product is authorized only at the ship-to location. Change of address requires re-application. NetworkRV LLC reserves the right to reject any order or customer at any time for any reason. Web sales of NetworkRV LLC products and website depictions featuring NetworkRV LLC’s products, logo, or name must be approved by NetworkRV LLC through a separate agreement. Under no conditions may customers buy advertising on Google, Yahoo, BING, Ask, or any other search engine worldwide using keywords containing or confusingly similar to NetworkRV LLC’s products and trademarks, trade names or trade rights. Under no conditions may the Dealer, Re-Seller or Distributor make the NetworkRV products available on Amazon.com, eBay.com, Walmart.com or any other 3 rd party transacting website without pre-approval in writing. New customers need to send a tax resale certificate.

MINIMUM ORDER REQUIREMENTS: Opening Order minimum is 5 units. To maintain terms, there is a $3,000 annual minimum required. Accounts that become inactive will be required to re-apply to NetworkRV LLC.

PRICING: All orders shall be invoiced at the prices prevailing at the time of shipment. NetworkRV LLC reserves the right to change pricing at any time without notice. Sales tax will be added to the invoice where required unless a valid exemption certificate is provided. No refunds of sales tax can be made after shipment.

PAYMENT: All new accounts are strictly pre-paid by Credit Card or ACH. By providing a credit card or ACH information you are authorizing NetworkRV LLC to charge the account for the invoiced amount. A customer may apply for Net 1% in 10 days terms along with credit references. NetworkRV LLC reserves the right to deny terms for any reason. Accounts that are past due in their payments will revert to pre-paid credit card. Past due amounts are subject to 1.5% per month finance charge. Collection costs and attorney fees will be at the customer expense.

SHIPPING: All NetworkRV LLC product ships FOB Coral Springs, Florida to anywhere in the contiguous USA. All orders ship UPS Ground or FedEx Ground unless otherwise specified. Prior authorization is required for any returns. Credit or replacement for damaged goods must be reported within 3 days of receipt.

By placing a wholesale order with NetworkRV LLC the purchaser agrees to the above terms and conditions. No modifications or additions to these terms by the purchaser shall be binding on NetworkRV LLC. NetworkRV LLC reserves the right to amend or waive said terms and conditions at any time. Terms and conditions in effect at the time of the order shall prevail. Non-adherence may result in termination of the account. NetworkRV LLC is not responsible for any misuse of any product sold, NetworkRVs sole liability is the wholesale price of the product sold.

MAP Policy and Guidelines

Updated August 10, 2021

Our MAP or Minimum Advertised Price policy, is our pricing agreement with our resellers to NOT advertise the price of a specific product below a predetermined price. MAP pricing is a mutually beneficial agreement to price products at or above a set price. The key word is advertised, retailers can sell products below MAP, they just cannot advertise those prices.

As of August 10 th 2021 MSRP is $329 and MAP is $299 for the SoftStartRV (SSRV3T) for individual unit sales, anywhere except Amazon USA. For Amazon USA the MSRP AND THE MAP is $329

On Dealers’ and Resellers’ Website and other 3 rd party sites (not including Amazon USA) the MSRP is $329 and the MAP is $299.

#1. Warning
First violations of MAP will typically be followed by a warning. We will ask questions as to why MAP was violated. The reasons could shed light on issues with existing pricing policies or concerns.

#2. Place a Hold on Shipping
Future MAP violations can result in more severe punishment. A temporary hold on shipping key products after the violation is found may be put into effect. This restriction on supply, will clearly state the seriousness of a MAP violation.

#3. Reduce Our Product Assortment
Any additional MAP violations from the same retailer will require more drastic action. Instead of a temporary hold on shipping, we may seek to permanently reduce our product assortment with that seller.

#4. Convert Unauthorized Sellers
If we identify a MAP violation attributed to a seller we don’t recognize, we will first uncover the seller’s information and contact them. Find out who they are, why they are selling our product—better yet, where they got it from—and notify them of our MAP policy.

#5. Revoke Authorized Seller Status
Finally, any chronic violators will be dealt with by ending our partnership altogether. This is an option for repeat offenders who have not responded to earlier enforcement steps.

Approval For Listing SoftStartRV For Sale On Amazon

Permission must be requested and given by NetworkRV to sell SoftStartRV on Amazon. If permission is granted, the same ASIN number MUST be used and the Branding MUST indicate SoftStartRV.

There are a small number of authorized sellers on Amazon selling SoftStartRV. Restrictions are in place to protect existing Sellers. If you list the SoftStartRV on Amazon without first seeking permission, NetworkRV may take steps to stop the supply of SoftStartRV product to you/your organization. If you are granted permission, the MSRP & MAP Policy guidelines will apply.


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