7. Q. How do I wire SoftStartRV™ into my rooftop A/C?

A. There are several wiring diagrams to 95% of the most popular RV A/C’s in the USA and Canada on our support page. www.SoftStartRV.com/support  Additionally, you’ll find videos and step by step instructions.  
Basically there are 5 wires from the SoftStartRV and approx. seven steps, depending on your A/C type.  Installation should take 45 min to 1:30 min., again depending on the type of A/C unit you have.
Included in the box is the install kit with all the various items you’ll need: screws, crimp caps, wire zip ties, wire twist caps, grommet, cleansing pad, spade terminals, etc.
Tools you’ll need include, pliers, needle nose pliers, wire cutters, crimping tool, screw gun/drill – for mounting the unit.