38.Q. Can I run my RV A/C on an inverter?

A. Yes. You can run your A/C with an inverter, but it’s not very practical for the typical RVer. RV Air Conditioners demand high wattage to start up. Once they’re running, they still have medium to high wattage requirements.Generally speaking, most RV house battery systems don’t have a sufficient amount of batteries to support air conditioning requirements with an inverter. You have to calculate how many house batteries and the watts your A/C uses on startup and running, Then, you need to think about the additional weight, cost, and where to locate them. Don’t forget the cost to enhance your alternator on your vehicle to achieve the additional charging needs of the new house batteries. Be sure to calculate for a more expensive Pure Sine Wave Inverter rather than the normally used Modified Sine Wave Inverter. A Pure Sine Wave Inverter needs to have a sufficiently high wattage ranking to achieve the air conditioner start-up power demands. Typically, an A/C can require up to 3 times more power to start it than it uses when it is running.