37.Q. I have a small trailer with a Samlex Solar PST-2000-12 PST Series Pure Sine Wave Inverter. I have a 400watt solar set up with 200ah of LiFePO4 batteries. My trailer has a Coleman / Mach 15000 BTU A/C unit. Will the SoftStartRVenable me to fire up the A/C from my 2000watt inverter? The inverter has a peak 3500watt surge. Should I consider the: 115V-only RV A/C (-X20-IP) OR Standard A/C (-X36-IP)?

A. Your research is correct. The SoftStartRV is the correct model for your 15kBTU Coleman Mach.  The SoftStartRV should enable your 2000W inverter to start and run your A/C. Please be aware that any 15k A/C will use up to 95% of the 2000W steady-state capacity of your inverter, so you must use strict power management in your trailer.Be particularly alert with appliances like the battery charger/converter which can start requiring up to 1000W in bulk (rapid) charge mode. Many campers manually turn their water heaters and refrigerators to the propane mode in order to use their A/C on a 2000W inverter or generator. Starting the A/C is easy–you can probably power it with a 2000-watt Pure Sine Wave Inverter. The critical issue is running it long enough to get your trailer cool because you need a big battery bank to support the inverter Experts are skeptical that a small trailer has the space and weight capability to keep the A/C running for more than a few minutes.