36.Q. I have a fifth wheel with 2 15000BTU A/C units. Can I reduce my generator size if I installed your SoftStartRV?

A. Yes, you can install the SoftStartRV and reduce the size of your generator and you would even be able to operate both 15kBTU A/Cs on a 30A utility hookup.  Operating 2  x 15kBTU A/Cs would not leave a lot of capacity for other applications on a 30A cord. You’ll need to allocate about 1800W for each of your A/C 15k systems. Estimate about 3600W for both. You will also want to budget capacity for your converter/battery charger, water heater, microwave and your refrigerator. The best solution is that you won’t need any extra generator capacity to make up the startup spike of your 2 A/Cs because SoftStartRV reduces the starting surge.