35. Q. Can I run two ACs off of one SoftStartRV unit? I want to run my Airstream with 13,500 and 15,000BTU units and setup a solar system.

A. No.  Many RVers with trailers with 2 A/C units choose only one A/C as the only A/C they will use when they’re operating on their single 2000W generator.  The other choice is to run both A/Cs on a single 30A utility hookup or on 2 paralleled generators. But you would need 2 SoftStartRVs, one for each A/C unit. If you plan to design a solar system with a single 4000W inverter (or bigger) to run both A/Cs, you would benefit more by installing a SoftStartRV into both A/C units. It doesn’t matter which A/C is cycling on at any given time.  The same situation is applicable to a 30A utility hookup (3600W). If you plan to only operate one A/C with your solar/inverter system (2000W), then you’d only require 1 SoftStartRV and you select the A/C that would just be run when utilizing the inverter as the energy source.