33. Q. How can I measure the entire electrical load being used by all my appliances?

A. The typical issue RVers experience when they have trouble running on a generator is the unidentified auxiliary demands for power in their trailer that are requiring power in addition to the air conditioner.  The typical generator may require up to 1750W to 1900W in very hot weather.  This requirement indicates there is very little additional power left in a 2000W generator for other loads in your RV or trailer. The best way to understand what’s really happening is to use a clamp meter on one of the power conductors as it leaves the generator. You can measure the complete power requirement load the generator is helping. Other tips to consider: Make sure that your refrigerator is manually moved to propane Confirm the hot water heater is manually switched to propane, and Switch the breaker to OFF for any converter or battery charger or confirmed to be in trickle charge or float mode. A 2000W generator provides about 16.7Amps, and research indicates that you can’t draw more than 3-4A by other appliance loads before the normal A/C attempts to start. If you use more appliance load than that, and your generator could overload when the A/C startup begins – even with the SoftStartRV™ soft starter.