20. Q. Will SoftStartRV enable me to start and run my 13.5K or 15K RV A/C on a Honda EU2000i?

A. Yes, but you must recognize some reasonably stringent power supervision since countless A/Cs can consume 1700-1900W in very warm weather. Another point is the Honda EU2000i may not have enough power at or above 4000′ altitude. (Some users state that rejetting the carburetor may enable you to work at higher altitudes.) Happy campers and SoftStartRV customers use this generator with a multitude of rooftop air conditioner brands. SoftStartRV starts and runs these compressors even with the generator’s ECO mode turned on. Some RVers ask about using other brands of inverter generators. All generators are different and we’re not a generator review expert. Please Google “best generators” to research the best product for your needs.