19. Q. What A/C problems does a SoftstartRV solve for a camper?

A. The main issue most every RVer faces is reducing or overcoming the initial spike to start the RV A/C. If you’ve got a motor coach, 5th wheel, big travel trailer, toy hauler that has 2 A/Cs and you’re at most campgrounds with 30-amp connection, you can only start 1 A/C because of the initial power spike to get the second A/C started. That’s a sweaty problem no one wants with only part of their vehicle cool. Or if you’re adventuring in truck campers, vans and tiny trailers, did you ever try starting your A/C with a small generator and maybe it blew a fuse or tripped a circuit breaker?  Or did your small generator just stop under the heavy A/C starting spike? One RVer, was so overcome with frustration, he leaned against the closed door of his camper and silently screamed in the dark, with no power. Once is enough, right. We all learn. We go without A/C and spend another sweaty sleepless night, get a large generator or get lucky and find one of the few 50amp campsites.  There’s never been any smart, effective lightweight and low- cost solutions to all these camping problems…Until now. Now you can gently start your A/C with no power spike. You can eliminate all these power spike problems with a SoftStartRV. You can get SoftStartRV and experience freedom!  Freedom to adventure into national parks and remote campgrounds knowing you, your family and friends can stay cool. Freedom to run two ACs on a 30-amp connection. Never worry about a start-up spike preventing you from using the AC while you’re boondocking in your towable. Worry-Free camping at last! Until now, your only options were to find a rare campsite that offered 50-amp or to buy a back-breaking, heavier costly generator or a more expensive inverter. Everyone knows these cost more money, often over $2000. New generators and inverters prices are increasing, and the cost problem for rewiring an older 30-amp system is not cheap either. It’s specially designed, engineered and tested for as all RVs: motor homes, 5th wheel campers, travel trailers, toy haulers, truck campers, vans, and tiny trailers. The SoftStartRV reduces startup power demand by an amazing 70%. Now there is an easier/cheaper/better/ way to solve the RV A/C start problem.RVers can start their RV A/C without investing $2000 or more.  The SoftStartRV™ is an innovative device that gently smooths-out startup power demand of the RV air conditioner’s compressor. You can use a small lightweight generator, like a Honda EU2000i.  The SoftStartRV reduces compressor startup power demand by up to 70%. The SoftStartRV unit controls the inrush of current by starting the compressor motor slowly. It controls the start-up voltage of the motor /compressor smartly to effectively reduce the inrush and outpouring current while starting-up. It consumes much less power from campground networks or a generator system but still delivers full startup torque for motors and compressors. This small, inexpensive, reliable device leads to happy RV campers enjoying their family holiday. There are over 355,000 motor coaches, travel trailers, toy haulers, fifth wheels, truck campers and folding camping trailers being sold each year. RV Industry Association research reports over 9 million RVs are journeying in North America, and there is a clear opportunity to meaningfully help a huge number of people.