18.Q. Why do I need a SoftStartRV™?

A. For RVers, travel trailers or truck campers who need to start their A/C using a small Honda 2000 generator, it’s an endless problem to get the A/C to start because the A/C starting surge spikes beyond the generator capacity. Every day, campers flip the A/C switch in order to chill off and it fails to start.  The main issue you face is reducing or overcoming the initial spike to start the RV A/C which leads to no A/C cooling, hot, muggy, and sticky camping and sweaty sleepless nights. Until now, your only option was to buy a back-breaking, heavier costly generator or more expensive inverter. Everyone knows these cost more money, often over $2000. New generators and inverters prices are increasing, and the cost problem is not going away. Now there is an easier/cheaper/better/ way to solve the RV A/C start problem.RVers can start their RV A/C without investing $2000 or more. The SoftStartRV™ is an innovative device that smooths-out startup power demands of the RV air conditioner’s compressor. You can use a small lightweight generator, like a Honda EU2000i. The SoftStartRV reduces compressor startup power demand by up to 70%. The SoftStartRV™ functions as a soft starter and a contactor. No contactor or start capacitor needed, they are built-in. The unit  controls the inrush of current by starting the compressor motor slowly. It controls the start-up voltage of the motor /compressor smartly to effectively reduce the inrush and outpouring current while starting-up. It consumes much less power from campground networks or a generator system, but still delivers full startup torque for motors and compressors. This small, inexpensive, reliable SoftStartRV™ unit leads to happy RV campers enjoying their family holiday.